Letting Go of the Lies

It is a poor idea to lie to yourselfI find it truly mind-boggling how we hold onto the lies from our past. Somehow those lies get deeply embedded in our hearts and we would rather hold on to those than accept the truth about ourselves. It’s more comfortable that way because it’s what we know, I guess.

Here are some of the lies I seem to cling to:  

  • I am ugly
  • I am insignificant
  • I am not intelligent enough
  • I am not capable
  • I am not worthy

The list goes on and on.

But here’s the truth; for every lie that has been placed on my heart because of the words or actions of someone else in my life, hundreds, even thousands of people have spoken and shown me the truth so many more times over the last 48 years. It’s just boggles my mind that those truths are so uncomfortable to me.

  • I have friends who tell me I’m beautiful, hot, or sexy.
  • I have friends who turn to me in their times of troubles.
  • I am running my own business and building websites of all things.
  • I am surviving on my own; supporting myself and my family.
  • I have people in my life who truly love me and make it known daily through their words and actions.

So, why oh why, is this so hard to believe. Is it because if I believe the lies, I don’t have to worry about disappointing anyone or live up to anyone’s expectations? If I fail at something, whatever life brings me, will I not have to work through the disappointment in myself because I didn’t think I could do it or handle it anyway? If someone doesn’t like me or looks at me funny, I should be okay with it because I believe the lies? I don’t know if I’m really making any sense right now.

HappyWhat I do know is that I want to let go of these lies for good and truly believe in my heart the wonderful truths that everyone else seems to believe about me. I have so many positive, uplifting, and encouraging people in my life that affirm who I am today. There are days when I am on a high and believe what they say and feel about me and then there are days I don’t.

Here is what I’m going to do to help me eliminate those down days. Every time someone gives me a compliment or shows me love in some way, I am going to write it down on a post-it note with their name at the bottom and stick it on the mirror in my office. When I am feeling down about myself and start slipping back into those lies, I am going to read each one of them until I know that I am just what everyone says and push out those lies!2014-06-15 14.31.00


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