Inside Out Challenge – Day 5

The boy you swore you’d never leave

Ah yes, the boy I swore I’d never leave…that was 43 years ago!

I met D when I was 9 years old. He was my first “love”. What an innocent time! I lived in Texas and he lived down the road from my best friend. I was always at her house and we have some wonderful memories of those times. Her older brother’s girlfriend was my first love’s sister, so that’s how we met. We all hung out together, all the time.

D was the same age as me, had blond hair and blue eyes, and just the sweetest smile. He was a straight-up country boy with his jeans, cowboy boots and plaid shirts. I just adored D but when I was 12, my mother dropped a bombshell on me…we were moving to California. I was devastated! My life revolved around D and I couldn’t imagine life without him. I was angry at my mother and swore to her that I was going back to Texas after I graduated from high school. We had plans to get married and be together forever. Oh the innocence of childhood loves.

We moved that summer and D and I wrote each other all the time. On occasion we would talk on the phone. I think it was about three years later that D flew out to California to see me. I know we were in high school and I think it was the summer before, or maybe after, my sophomore year (I could be wrong). We had a pretty good time during his visit but I’m sure it could have been better. I know we both finally realized that we were not the same people, no matter how much we wanted to be. He went back to Texas and we both moved on with our lives, letting go of the innocent love we once shared.

Through the years and the power of social media, I have reconnected with D and his sister. He’s still in Texas and has a beautiful wife and family and I’m still in California. I think back about those times and they always make me smile. Even though I did leave, he will forever be in my heart.

I would love to have your feedback!

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