My Castle…My Life

I was doing some reading about boundaries and personal rights and it made me think of a castle. My life is now a castle in all its glory and splendor. You’re probably thinking, “how in the heck did you get from boundaries and rights, to your life is a castle?” Let me explain, as I laugh at myself, because I got lost in the process as well.

My life before was a wreck, a shambles, complete chaos. I liken this life to a tattered, old, run-down shack. It offered no comfort, no protection and no security. It was dark and dreary and there was no comfort no matter which way I turned. I was always in fear of what would happen next. The walls were splattered with shame and guilt and pain. Pain is a great teacher and sometimes, pain can be the greatest life changer there is. When I could stand it no longer, when the pain of life became greater than the fear of the unknown, I open the door and stepped out of that dilapidated old shack.

I took the first steps to building my new life by learning about boundaries; learning to set them and that my world wouldn’t end when I enforced them. Each time I succeeded in setting and enforcing the boundaries, I became stronger. Each time I made the right choice for me and my life, I became wiser. And each time I did these things, I became ME, not who or what everyone else thought I was or should be.

I learned about my personal rights. For some reason, somewhere way back in life, I forgot I had some basic personal rights. Thinking about it, I’m not really sure I ever really understood that I had any to begin with. It was never anything I thought about but when I started reading them, I realized how simple and true they were. It was like a light-bulb being turned on. What??? I have these rights? Well, yes I do! Watch out everyone, there is no stopping me now!

In doing these things, I began laying the foundations for what has become my castle. Today my life is a castle. It is enormous and the world is open to me. There are no limits to where I can go or what I can do. Each new room is filled with adventure and treasures to discover.

My castle is solid, with walls that touch the sky. Some people feel the need to knock down walls that others have built, but that is not necessary here. All you have to do is respect my rights and my boundaries and I will lovingly open the door and let you in. If someone feels the need to try and tear down my walls by disrespecting me or my boundaries, then they don’t need to be in my life to begin with. I don’t have a problem escorting them out and barring the doors. This was certainly not something I was able to do in the past.

My castle has so much light and beauty in it. My head and my heart are happy and they are both strong and resilient enough to weather any storm that comes my way. I am secure and comfortable like I have never been before. I no longer struggle with the fear of the “what ifs” or the agony of shame/guilt over the “what was”. I am secure in who I am today and journey on; looking forward to the woman I will be in the future.

My castle is my life… It is peaceful, beautiful, abundant and filled with joy and purpose.

I would love to have your feedback!

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