Bucket Listing My Future


It’s kind of weird having so much freedom and time that I sometimes find myself wondering what to do from here. I’ve always had to consider someone else in the scope of my plans, not that I had many, but on occasion, I did have a few. These days, I am free to do whatever choose, whenever I choose and that is just sometimes, overwhelming. I mean really, what’s a girl to do with all this time on her hands and no one to make the decisions?

For the past few weeks, I have been considering the things I have always wanted to do and decided it was time to create my “bucket list”. There are so many things in life that I have not allowed myself the opportunity to do and it’s time to start living and stop just existing. Sure, I have accomplished much, I’m not saying that I’ve never done anything fun or productive with my life, but it’s time to stop being so afraid of messing up and looking the fool and start enjoying life my way.  

So, to kick start my bucket list, I am sharing it with you and possibly some of the reasons behind some of them. I actually started it a few weeks ago and have been expanding it as things come to mind. Some are pretty simple things and others, well, only time will tell.

The Beginning of My Bucket List

Ride on a Harley – When I was a teenager, my father took me on a motorcycle ride down the back roads of Salinas, driving at speeds of over 100 mph. Need I explain how scared I was? I think not. Anyway, this bucket list item is more to conquer a fear than anything else. Why a Harley? I don’t know. As of last month, (August 2014) I have conquered this fear. Yep, went on a 2 hour ride on a Harley and it was fun. I’ve been on a few more times since then. Also rode on a Suzuki but did not enjoy that one so much.

Horseback riding on the beach – I haven’t been on a horse since I was 13 years old but I would love ride on the beach someday.

Take my family to Disneyland – I was a single mother for many years and there was never any extra money to do things like this. The closest we had to any kind of outing like this was two days at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. An insurance agent I worked with gave us wristbands for unlimited rides, along with a book of coupons for the concessions, which helped to make this one of our most memorable family trips.

Parachute from a plane – No reason for this one other than to just live on the wild side.

Try on wedding dresses – Now I have to agree that this one is a bit out there but let me explain. I have been married 3 times; none of them fairy tale weddings. For my first wedding, I purchased a gown off the rack at the Gunny Sack outlet in San Francisco. It was certainly nothing special. I was pregnant for my second marriage and got married at the courthouse in a maternity dress. My third marriage, well, it was in a prison visiting room so not much need for pomp and circumstance there. I want to go into a bridal store and just try on gowns. I want to have that fairy tale moment when I see myself in a beautiful gown. I don’t think it’s too much to ask, really.

tumblr_mjo3zyi7yf1rk4ng8o1_500Visit Ireland/Scotland – Just some beautiful places I’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe there’s some Irish or Scottish in me.

Visit Germany – I was born in Germany and would love to go back and see it as an adult. There is so much beauty there.

Find Sadie’s star – When I lost my baby in December 2006, my boss had a star named for her. I have the coordinates and would love to find it and actually see it.

Write and publish my book – I have started this project and someday, in the not too distant future, I hope to complete and publish it. It’s a story of God’s love, healing and restoration in my life and I hope to encourage others through my story. Published March 2017!

Pet a baby panda – It is what it is…I LOVE PANDAS

Touch a fish – Ok, this may or may not ever happen. This is on the list to eventually overcome my unreasonable fear of fish. If you want to find out the whole story on this stupid little fear, you can read the post on my old blog. I figure if I put it down and manage to do it…nothing can ever stop me! Hahahah…just sayin’.

This is just the beginning of my bucket list and I will continue to update it as things come to mind. Life is too short and I want to live what life I have left!


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  1. This is an awesome list! I enjoy alot of the same things you’ve mentioned and by the way, getting to Germany shouldn’t be such a huge deal for me as my biological dad lives in Krickenbach, Germany. He loves it over there but visits CT in the Fall so I do get to see him from time to time. Never been to German but it’s in my plans. Maybe I should think of a bucket list myself. Hmmmmm…

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