Dragon Loyalty Award

This is an award for the loyal fan/commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just someone who follows and comments regularly.  I am truly honored and humbled to receive 2 nominations from Freedom at Falling in LOVE with Freedom and Chelise at Caterpillar to Butterfly, and for their continuous contributions to my site via reading and commenting. Their encouragement and... Continue Reading →

Day 2 ~ 3 Day Quote Challenge

This is a great quote from the movie, Bridemaids!  Too many times I was stuck in looking at the problems and everything that was going wrong in my life. Other people were not doing what I needed them to do to feel safe, secure and whole. Other people hurt me and used me. Even things... Continue Reading →

A New Revelation

I had a mind-blowing revelation this past weekend. Forty years of wondering why I could not seem to connect with my father on any kind of meaningful level and I finally think I hit the nail on the head. It was truly eye-opening, yet I'm not sure what to do with it, or really if... Continue Reading →

Just straight up rambling…

Sadness hit me this morning...but it will not keep me! I was on the phone with someone dear to me today and she is really struggling with her job. I get that. I've been there. Over the last month, I have done what I could to encourage her. I have done what I am capable... Continue Reading →

How do I trust…myself again?

Looking back on my past and the chaos I created in my own life, I often wonder how am I ever going to trust myself again. Years of bad decisions and choices have, at times, left me completely and utterly discouraged at my own ability to discern what is best for me. I certainly can't... Continue Reading →

Wow! Who the heck is that?

Well here I am in all my glory. I can't argue that this is a beautiful picture so I won't even try. I am AMAZED. Trust me, I am not bragging or boasting and I am certainly not fishing for compliments. I have received so many on Facebook and I truly appreciate them all! I... Continue Reading →

The Journey is Yours

Straight up rambling tonight... It's been a long and windy road to get to the place of peace I live in today. I love my life and I love who I am today. Yes, there are days when my life is a bit chaotic and unsettled and times when I feel I am back-sliding into... Continue Reading →

I went from zero…to my own hero!

I was running some errands yesterday and listening to the radio, having my own little karaoke fest in my car, when Katy Perry's song, "Roar" came on. I've heard this song just a few times before but never really paid attention to the lyrics. Well, they caught my attention yesterday. For some reason, it hit... Continue Reading →

It’s not about your location!

I was reading through some post on other blogs and came across this one, Geographic Relocation and Codependency, which made me start thinking. I have heard many people say how much they hate this place (whatever place they live) and want to move and start over. It amazes me when someone says, "The people here suck!"... Continue Reading →

You cannot take away my truth.

Years ago, in the pit of my codependency, before learning that the pain I was in was caused by me and my actions or reactions, I needed you to understand. I needed you to know of my pain and how you hurt me. I needed you to acknowledge what you did. I needed your apology. I... Continue Reading →

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