Kicking Off the Inside Out Writing Challenge!

It’s been just over a year since I completed my A – Z Codependency challenge and once again, I need something new to motivate me. Life has been pretty peaceful and I find myself struggling to write about anything. So, I did some research looking for some kind of writing challenge and found one that I think I could complete and have it be relevant to this blog. Not that everything I write is relevant to codependency, right?

This challenge is only for 19 days and is based on the Bryan Adams song, “Inside Out”. It really resonated with me as a codependent because this is exactly how I want to know people. But, it made me think, how often do we take the time, or make the effort, to let someone know us from the inside out? Years ago, that would have never happened for me. I didn’t like me one iota and I’d be damned if I’d let anyone one know who I was inside. Today, I love and accept myself and I appreciate those who want to know me in this way. However, I am truly blessed and honored by those who allow me to know them this way.

I would love to have some of you join me on this little writing adventure!

Challenge based on Bryan Adams’ song ‘Inside Out’

Day 1: The biggest lie you ever told

Day 2: Your biggest fear about growing old

Day 3: The longest night you ever spent

Day 4: The angriest letter you never sent

Day 5: The boy you swore you’d never leave

Day 6: The one you kissed on New Year’s eve

Day 7: The sweetest dream you had last night

Day 8: Your darkest hour

Day 9: Your hardest fight

Day 10: The saddest song you ever heard

Day 11: The most you said with just one word

Day 12: The loneliest prayer you ever prayed

Day 13: The truest vow you ever made

Day 14: What makes you laugh?

Day 15: What makes you cry?

Day 16: What makes you mad?

Day 17: What gets you by?

Day 18: Your highest high

Day 19: Your lowest low

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