An Unexpected Invitation

On Monday I received an instant message on Facebook from my younger half-sister saying she would like to see me and have coffee or lunch the following day. My sister is 31 years younger than me and we have never really had any kind of relationship, so I was absolutely shocked. I responded that of... Continue Reading →

Being Real

Several months ago I created a post with extremely foul language, filled with anger and hatred. A couple of months later, I took that post down because I didn't want to offend anyone and I also did not want people to think I was just some trashy, foul-mouthed lunatic, if that were the only post... Continue Reading →

Regaining Perspective

I love my friends and really don't know where I would be today without them. However, sometimes I just wish I could hide from them all. When I sit back and think about it, and I certainly have the past two days, I realize that what I think is a problem with them is really... Continue Reading →

How do I trust…myself again?

Looking back on my past and the chaos I created in my own life, I often wonder how am I ever going to trust myself again. Years of bad decisions and choices have, at times, left me completely and utterly discouraged at my own ability to discern what is best for me. I certainly can't... Continue Reading →

Your Words Hold No Truth

So I decided to take a little vacation and head to "California's Country Music Capital"...Bakersfield. Yes, that is what Wikipedia says it is. Hmmm...My friend Julie described it as the "Armpit of California". I'm leaning more in her direction after my 5 day stay. I did have a nice time visiting my friend from high... Continue Reading →

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