If you can’t be kind, be quiet!

Do you ever not talk to someone about something because you already KNOW they are not going to be supportive? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing because I know this person’s personality and I know it’s just not within them to be supportive. So, I do not speak of my new business venture with them. 

However, today I received a package of organza bags I ordered to use in our next subscription box. As I brought it in, someone asked me, “What’s that?” so I told him. His reply was, “cute” in a snarky, uninterested tone. That’s fine, no big deal but then he went on to ask a couple of minutes later, “So, how much have you made off those boxes?”. I should have left it alone but I replied how much was deposited into our bank account from sales (which was a nice sum) and mentioned that technically we really didn’t make anything as we are continually investing in products and supplies. I also said that hopefully soon, we would level out and begin making a profit. Big mistake. He then proceeded to tell me that we were not a business or in business unless we were making money and that was just the reality/law of business. He said a couple of other things but I was instantly so angry, I stopped listening and left the room.

I know he thinks our idea is stupid and doesn’t believe we will succeed and I am hurt by that. Why, when I already knew that? Just because I want to believe that those closest to us would support us in whatever venture we are doing whether they believe in it or not. I knew he wouldn’t which is why I don’t really talk about it with him but I certainly did not want to hear it.

Yes, business is hard and most fail within the first 3 years. I’m not naive. I’ve been here before. In August 2010, I left my job in the corporate world because of a disability. I started my virtual assistant business in December 2010, to supplement my disability. In my first year of business, I had 2 clients; one was a straight barter client and the other was paid. I made a whopping $250 in my first 12 months. In my 2nd year, I made about $2400 the entire year. Over the last 12 years, my VA business has grown to the point that I no longer market it and make enough to survive. I have amazing clients and get to pick and choose who I work with and when.

So, with all that said, I HOPE & PRAY our business is successful but if it is not, or not as successful as I would like it to be, we will keep plugging along and doing what needs to be done to get there. And if it fails, it fails. It won’t be the end of the world but I certainly don’t need any discouragement along the way!  It’s hard enough to get out of my own head, so if you can’t be kind and encouraging, keep your f’ing mouth shut.


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