Encouraging Thunder Award


Breakdownchick of Labeled Disabled has nominated me for the Encouraging Thunder Award for which I am truly grateful! Her blog is about the journey of a woman moving beyond labels and disabilities to embrace her true essence and path. Please take a few minutes and visit her blog to learn more about her.

In accepting this award, I will try to explain the purpose of my blog.  

I originally began my blog as a personal journal to be used as an outlet for my struggles with codependency. That didn’t last very long. I posted very little between April 2012 – September 2013. In May of 2014, I was going through the breakup of a four-year relationship and had so much spinning in my head that I decided to turn my blog into something that others would hopefully gather insight and strength from.

I wanted to be real about my struggles and show others that, even in the midst of the storms, we can make choices to remain healthy and at peace. My blog is about “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” of my codependency because that is who I am. Seriously, who would want to read only about all the positive outcomes and successes? Not me. In order for me to relate to someone, I need to be able to witness the struggle to understand the outcome.

In putting “the bad & the ugly” out for the world to see, it is my hope that someone struggling will be able to relate to it and be encouraged that they can have freedom from life’s burdens and hope for a more peaceful and joyful life.

Over the past 3-4 months, I have begun to build relationships with other bloggers and have really enjoyed participating in the blogging community! Thank you to all of you who read, comment, like & follow my blog! You all encourage, motivate and inspire me in one way or another!!

I would like to nominate the following blogs for the Encouraging Thunder Award:

Rules for accepting the award:

Post it on your blog.
Add the Encouraging Thunder logo.
Grant other bloggers the award.
Mention your purpose in blogging.
Thanks the person who nominated you .


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  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have enjoyed getting to know you and have learned so much from your blog in my early stages of recovering as a raging codependent. I humbly accept your nomination! Hugs!


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