My guest post on ACT Addiction Counselling and Therapy

codependencyUpdate: The blog my post was written for was taken down so you can read it here.

Last month I started a Facebook page and a Twitter account for the Diary of a Recovering Codependent. I have a tiny following on each and I am so grateful for those of you who read my, sometimes endless, ramblings. I truly hope you find some encouragement somewhere in my postings.

One of the first accounts I followed on Twitter was Pamela A. Roberts, who is an addiction counselor and therapist in the UK. She had suggested that maybe I would like to do a post for her blog and I jumped on the opportunity. Tonight I received a message that my my post had been published and I am just so excited!

On Facebook she wrote, “A personal account about codependency. Codependency kills but is often overlooked. Thankfully more and more people are becoming aware of codependency. I work with a number of clients and witness such wonderful shifts as they move further away from the harmful effects of codependency.” She is so right.

Someone may not believe the statement that “codependency kills”, but I know for a fact that it almost killed me. This condition left me suicidal and landed me in a psychiatric facility for a week and intensive outpatient counseling everyday, for 2 weeks. Yes, codependency does kill, but there is hope for those of us who suffer from it! It is a process of learning to love ourselves and acknowledge our needs so that we can become healthier people and have healthier relationships with others.

Here is the link to my guest post on the ACT Addiction Counselling and Therapy website…The Insanity of Codependency.

I am so excited to have written my first guest post (I hope to do more) so I hope you enjoy it!


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