Okay, I’m Listening

Well, that little voice told me "it's time", again. I keep thinking, "time for what?" but I already know. You see, it's that denial game I play with myself and God. I think it's just some random thought that pops into my head and I say, "yeah, yeah" and move on with life. Then it... Continue Reading →

Are You A Safe Person?

I originally wrote this post in 2014 but thought it was a good time to bring it up again. I had an interesting conversation last night with a friend of mine who seems to feel another friend we have in common (though I haven't seen her for a few years) is "stuck" in her marriage.... Continue Reading →

A New Journey Ahead

I had an experience this weekend, one that is both comical (to me) and profound. I laugh at my doubt and insecurities but am in awe of God's humor and confirmation. Years ago I told Lucy that I was going to be an inspirational speaker some day, taking my testimony and sharing it with those... Continue Reading →

Your Recovery is Your Recovery

Something popped into my mind a little while ago and for some reason I can't get it out. So, I figured it was the perfect topic for a blog post. I think it's because I have so many friends struggling with issues, healing and recovery that I wish I could just make it all go... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Who I Am…(Part 1)

When I first attended Celebrate Recovery, I was there to check out the program for Ricky. I didn't think I was the problem; he was the problem! A lady introduced herself to me (she is still a very dear friend) and I explained why I was there. She gave me some handouts and suggested I read them. That first night... Continue Reading →

Off to a GREAT start!

I anticipate 2015 to be a really good year for me and those I love. I have that endless hope that things will get better, finances will improve, relationships will grow, and life will not be so turbulent. I know, I know...this is probably not the reality but a girl can hope, right? It doesn't... Continue Reading →

How do I trust…myself again?

Looking back on my past and the chaos I created in my own life, I often wonder how am I ever going to trust myself again. Years of bad decisions and choices have, at times, left me completely and utterly discouraged at my own ability to discern what is best for me. I certainly can't... Continue Reading →

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