Someday I’ll Get It Right

Well, I failed myself this weekend. Just when I think I've got it, I do something so stupid to prove to myself that I don't. Thank God I'm striving for progress and not perfection but I'm doing a pretty good job of beating myself up for it. This past Sunday I was able to visit... Continue Reading →

Letter to a Puke

This post expresses extremely foul language but it is the truth of where I am tonight - please do not read if it will offend you... I'm so angry tonight! It started off earlier today as shock and disbelief and as I rolled through the stages, once again, I have ended up here. I am... Continue Reading →

Today, I Am Moving My Feet!

I am so blessed today! I received a phone call from my daughter telling me I needed to hurry up and post something new. I love that she has been following my blog and encourages me to continue! I use to struggle with so much guilt about the way my children were influenced by my... Continue Reading →

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