People amaze me. Sometimes it’s their talent or a special gift they have that just leaves me in awe. Other times it’s the kindness and compassion they have for others or their strength and determination to overcome the challenges life throws at them. Every single day people inspire and encourage others and show the world that they care for their fellow human-beings and it is heart-warming.

Then there are the other types of people that stupefy me. They are mean and negative and sometimes just plain evil. They have no compassion and don’t care how their words or actions hurt others. I cannot relate to them and most times I can barely tolerate being around them. They suck the life out of me. I try to have compassion for them; thinking that something must have happened in their life to shape them into the person they are but sometimes they just frustrate and dis-hearten me and I can’t.

Lastly, there are STUPID people. Stupid people anger me. Now I don’t mean people who have done stupid things; we’ve all done that. I’m talking about those that will lie to your face while you’re holding the proof in your hands. They’ll keep doing things detrimental to themselves or others even after you’ve told them over and over what will happen. They are narcissistic and think they can’t be touched and everything wrong in their life is your’s or someone else’s fault. They are bullies, manipulators, and liars.

Today, I am grateful that I KNOW I don’t have to allow stupid people into my life and if they manage to show up, I don’t have to keep them in my life!

I would love to have your feedback!

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