When Life Gives You Lemons…

Today I want to share with you a song by Alex Boye’ titled, “Lemonade”. Please read what he writes about this song on his YouTube page. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

This song is inspired by one of my favorite quotes:

“Cease your complaining and fretting. The cause is in yourself, and where the cause is, there is the remedy…Alter your outlook on life, and your outward life will alter.” – James Allen

I’ve always wanted to write my own Bobby Mcferrin, “Don’t worry, be Happy” song. CHECK!! There is a part in the song that says “So many miracles are happening each day, if I can just get out of my own way.

That’s a reminder for ME.

A few years ago, even though I had so many amazing things happening in my life, I was so caught up in things that were NOT going right, that I stopped appreciating the things that WERE going right. I would start making a habit of chasing the storms and not the sunlight, and started getting used to feeling sorry for myself. whenever bad stuff would happen to me, i would say things like “Yep, of course that would happen to ME and nobody else!!

I would always be waiting for something amazing to happen to me before I felt good about myself. “If I get that raise, THEN life would be amazing, or if I found the right spouse, or if I get that record deal, or if I win that contest, or got the new car, THEN things would be amazing. I was living in the future and NOT enjoying the PRESENT.

Things started to change for me when I came across a book called “The Magic of believing”.

I started to change my way of thinking and realized that we don’t have to wait for something amazing to happen. WE ALREADY ARE AMAZING!! I would say that to myself often and then i would start seeing amazing things happen in my life. so glad I found that little truth in my life. It has made ALL the difference.

Im learning now that when bad things happen out of our control, it can either leave us either bitter, or better for going through it. I once heard someone say, “Life can truly be bittersweet. But whatever you bring attention to, expands, so choose wisely.”

This is a song about making the most and the best of life, whatever is thrown our way. Thanks for reading this far!!


Alex Boye’

Written by: Alex Boye (BMI) Boye Central Music, Gail Vareilles for Sandshifter Music (ASCAP) Matt Anthony Music (ASCAP)

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