Honoring Some Very Special Men!

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This morning I took some time to reflect on the amazing men who have spoken so much into my life and I am just filled with so much love and gratitude for them!

I love my father with all my heart and although we have never been really close, he means the world to me and I would do anything for him. I do not know what the future brings as his disease progresses but I will be there for him however I can. I spoke to him this morning and our call was so different than the one we had two weeks ago. He laughed with me and we had a wonderful conversation. It made my heart happy to hear him laugh.

Throughout the years, I have had a few men who have made a great impact on my life and I wanted to acknowledge them on this day. 

Gary was my step-father. He married my mother when I was 13 and was the most amazing step-father a girl could ever ask for. He was gentle and kind and cared so much about me and my mother. He let me know how special I was and how much he believed in me, even when I didn’t believe these things for myself. When he and my mother divorced in 1997, I was heartbroken. Their divorce hit me hard, even as an adult, but Gary never stepped out of my life. We continued to communicate and spend time together when we could. Sadly he passed away a several years ago and there have been so many times I wished he was still here so I could talk to him. He made a great impact on my life and I miss him dearly.

Bill and Douglas are my best (male) friends and for a couple of years, we did so much together. They are like the “Odd Couple” with Bill being Felix and Douglas being Oscar. Ok, neither is as extreme as the show (original show) but there have been times when they could have written an episode themselves. Bill taught me how a real man is supposed to treat a lady; what a true gentleman looks like. He would open my door, ask for my input on things, and pay for whatever we did. He would tell me that these things are what I am to expect from a “real man” in a relationship. Douglas, well, he tested me over and over. He taught me to stand my ground and not to settle. He taught me how to laugh and not take everything so personal. They stood by my side and encouraged me when I was having a rough time. They treated me like a lady, with much respect. They took me places and showed me what it is to have a real friendship with men. They loved and respected me as a person and valued me as their friend. I can’t say enough about what these two men mean to me and how much they have spoken into my life over the past several years. These two men were and are my ROCKS!

And today, there is Ron. We have only been dating for 6 months but in this short time, he has shown me that, other than Bill and Douglas, there are still men out there who make a lady feel like a lady. He treats me with respect, he opens doors for me, he pays for everything we do, and he takes me places I’ve never been or where ever I want to go. He is gentle (except when he is driving, LOL) and kind, caring and compassionate. He puts my feeling first and listens when I am talking, even if I’m talking about something that has no interest to him. He respects what I have to say and values my opinion. He shows me through his actions what love is.

I love these men! Each one has spoken into my life with love, understanding, patience, kindness, and wisdom. I have been, and continue to be, blessed by each one of them!

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