Sometimes I feel like I stand alone…

…but I must remember that I am beautiful in my own way.

Just as many other codependent people, I often feel that I do not have any value or worth. I feel like I take a backseat to others in my life and the things that are happening in their lives are certainly more important than anything happening in mine. My problems or struggles are not significant and I do not want to burden anyone else with them because they have their own issues. My successes are not exceptional enough to celebrate with anyone because I need to celebrate their successes, to ensure they are happy. My feelings, regardless of what they are, are not important. I need to make sure everyone else in my circle is happy and their lives are enjoyable or at least as easy as I can make them.

What kind of thinking is that? Sick! There are days that I feel surrounded by people who just suck the life out of me. I love these people but I have learned that my life is no less important or meaningful than theirs. My feelings are no less real than theirs.

Sometimes I feel like I stand alone...

I have also learned that I can validate my own self worth and feelings and do not have to get my value and self worth from someone else.

That’s what this picture reminds me. The people I love and am surrounded by are wonderful, beautiful people but I am no less wonderful and beautiful. I deserve to feel valued and appreciated but it has to start with me feeling that way about myself. The way others see or feel about me means nothing if I do not feel that way about myself. I didn’t before, I adore myself now because I know who I am and what I have to offer. I am beautiful inside and out, just like you!

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