What inspires you?

I came across a quote this morning and it got me to thinking about inspiration. "Waves inspire me... not because they raise high, but because they leap up again after falling." Author Unknown There are many things that inspire me and many people. I have learned over the years not to be too impressed with those... Continue Reading →

Day 2 ~ 3 Day Quote Challenge

This is a great quote from the movie, Bridemaids!  Too many times I was stuck in looking at the problems and everything that was going wrong in my life. Other people were not doing what I needed them to do to feel safe, secure and whole. Other people hurt me and used me. Even things... Continue Reading →

Day 1 ~ 3 Day Quote Challenge

I am so blessed and honored by those that read and follow my blog and the encouraging comments they have sent me! Today I was nominated to participate in the "3 Day Quote Challenge" by Freedom and look forward to the opportunity to share a few of my favorites with all of you. Please be sure... Continue Reading →

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