Confrontation & Consequences

Have I told you before how much I HATE confrontation? Some people don't care one way or the other and have no problem confronting someone or being confronted. Some people actually enjoy it and go out of their way to cause it. Me, I hate it! The old me would avoid it at ALL costs; my... Continue Reading →

Watching the Miracles Unfold

I was able to experience this past week what I would call a miracle on several levels. God is so awesome and His plan is always, always, always good! In order to understand where I am coming from as I write this, I feel I need to give you some background so you will understand why... Continue Reading →

Letting Go of Our Adult Children

I was recently asked by a very dear friend of mine to write something to the women who are struggling with letting go of their adult children. As a mother myself and a codependent by nature, I could completely relate to this topic. I by no means get it right in this area all the... Continue Reading →

Speaking Your Truth

I did something this morning. Something that made me uncomfortable and just a bit nervous. It wasn't easy but it needed to be done, for me, so I did it. I spoke my truth. Why is it so difficult for me to speak my truth? Melody Beattie's book, "Codependent No More", has 9 pages of... Continue Reading →

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

How many times have you heard the saying, "Nothing changes if nothing changes"? How about the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Maybe you're like me, before I entered recovery, and have never heard these sayings before. Well, you have now so what are your thoughts? I... Continue Reading →

Having my day in court…VICTORY!

I woke up Wednesday feeling pretty at peace with myself and what was about to happen. It was finally the day to appear before the judge regarding the restraining order I had filed against my ex. I thought I had it all under control and this was going to be a breeze. It wasn't until... Continue Reading →

Protect me! She’s codependent!

One more step forward today. It's been a little rough trying to keep the guilt at bay, but I have managed. The restraining order has been filed and I will pick up the order tomorrow. It was hard, at first, then someone told me that "he" found out I was filing the restraining order and said... Continue Reading →

Tornado in the Valley of Change

Remember my last post, where I bragged about landing in the "Valley of Change"? Well, a tornado stuck the valley, full force, that very night. There was no warning; I never saw it coming. It hit so hard, I almost lost my sanity and peace of mind. Sleep did not come to me that night... Continue Reading →

Landing in the Valley of Change

I can't believe how strong I feel! I can't believe how good I feel! For the last several days, I have been inundated with opportunities to "dance"; one right after the other. I haven't felt the need to.  I haven't allowed them to upset me to the point that I feel the uncontrollable need to lash back.... Continue Reading →

Paranoia Triggered

I have never really struggled with paranoia much, at least not to the degree some people do, but I have had my moments. I'd like to share one of those moments with you, if for no other reason, it's kind of comical now. It is so funny how this paranoia is triggered and thankfully today,... Continue Reading →

The Guilt of Saying “No”

It seems to have been a whirlwind of month so far with all the drama surrounding me. It's not my drama but so much is happening in the lives of those around me and I feel I have done very well in not getting sucked up into the whirlwind although a tinge of guilt surrounds... Continue Reading →

Boundary Setting Never Ends

I guess I seem to be stuck on boundaries lately. Once again, I am facing the issue of setting them but need to work through doing it in a loving and respectful manner. I have an issue that needs to be addressed and it needs to happen soon. I understand that when I do not... Continue Reading →

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