The Love/Hate Blogger Challenge

8168801I want to thank Tessa of Advocate for Invisible Illness! for nominating me for the Love/Hate Blogger Challenge. I am so blessed to get to know my fellow bloggers more in such a fun way.

Here are the rules:  

List 10 things you love:

  1. My Lord and Savior
  2. My children and my grandchild! They encourage and inspire me every single day.
  3. My family
  4. My friends and my boyfriend! They keep me grounded and accountable. They love and support me just as I am.
  5. Panda bears and stuffed animals
  6. The ocean
  7. Beautiful walks in nature
  8. Encouraging and helping others
  9. Dare I say it…the internet and Facebook! They help to keep me connected. For an introvert like me, sometimes it’s just a blessing!
  10. Who I am today!

List 10 things you hate:

  1. Being manipulated
  2. Rudeness
  3. Yelling
  4. Conflict and confrontation
  5. Not being able to help someone in need
  6. Scary movies
  7. Fish
  8. Pain, both physical and emotional
  9. When my children or grandchild is hurt, both physically and emotionally
  10. Did I mention fish?

I now nominate:

  1. isoempathy
  2. La Quemada
  3. breakdownchick
  4. Caterpillar To Butterfly
  5. The Lithium Chronicles
  6. Falling in Love with Freedom
  7. Curious Evelyn Seeks


I would love to have your feedback!

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