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Journey of a Codependent

Discovering the Beauty of Who I Am

This is the story of my life as a lonely, little girl with no self-esteem, no friends and lots of fear, and the incredible journey I took to becoming a woman who is able to love herself today and knows, and believes in her value. This book is a compilation of stories that describe my journey to growth and healing and of God’s abundant, amazing, incredible grace and mercy.

My purpose is to give you hope that no matter what; the choices you have made, the wrong things you have done, the people you have hurt, the hurts that have been done to you, God is bigger than all of it and will shower you with His grace and mercy and lead you on your own incredible journey to healing.

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My Journey to Discovering Me

A Journal for Codependents

Journaling is an amazing way to process and release all the negative feelings and emotions, we as codependents seem to hang on to, to justify (whether consciously or unconsciously) our unhealthy behaviors. It also helps us to process situations we are currently going through in a healthy and positive way.

There is power and freedom in releasing those negative feelings and emotions on paper. My hope is that as you begin to journal, you will begin to experience that power and freedom.

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