Book Review: Conquering Shame and Codependency — Bad Cat Ink

This is a wonderfully written review of the book, Conquering Shame and Codependency, by blogger Melody Daggerhart of Bad Cat Ink. Book: Conquering Shame and Codependency Series: Author: Darlene Lancer Genres: non-fiction, self-help, psychology, codependency Synopsis (from Amazon book page): A nationally recognized author, speaker and codependency expert examines the roots of shame and its connection with... Continue Reading →

A Flower Blooms

Such a beautiful poem I had to share... So young; shy; quiet; her voice often lost on the wind. Reserved; withdrawn; lonely; her feelings often ignored. Broken; imperfect; defeated; her sense of self only an essence of what she could have been. Now, like a blooming flower, with the sunlight touching her soul; she will... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Exercise: My Daily Mini Vacation (Video) — MakeItUltra™

This is something that, as a codependent, I struggled with. I felt so much guilt in even the simplest pleasures for myself. If you struggle with taking time for yourself this video is for you! Just do it and see how refreshed you feel! Subscribe to Youtube Channel About Psychological Services | Click here... Continue Reading →

Faith in Trouble

So beautifully written I had to share... Faith in trouble Senses the severity of the opposition Faith in trouble Calmly and prayerfully maintains its position Faith in trouble Gets up and goes to work Faith in trouble Doesn’t stop because it hurts Faith in trouble Believes when no one else does Faith in trouble Speaks... Continue Reading →

The Day I Got Free

This is a beautiful poem written by an amazing woman who has triumphed over much turmoil and hardship in her life. Please take a minute to read and follow her blog. She is such an encouragement! The day I accepted myself, was the day I got free Free to walk and stumble, run then stop, and... Continue Reading →

12 Steps of Conquering Codependency – Step One

When we feel we are the ones doing everything right and then are presented with the unfathomable reality that we are screwed up, it is quite the reality check. Denial is our best friend but once we come to terms with this step, life changes and there comes a stronger and more realistic sense of awareness. Facing step one is life changing!

Caterpillar To Butterfly

824-Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Quote-Faith-is-taking-the-first-step-evenI’ve been a little disconnected from writing lately and to be honest I wasn’t entirely sure why.  Writers block, busy after work, or just plain laziness….there’s no shame there, I’ll tell you guys the truth LOL!

It’s time I get my keyboard fired up again and crank out some recent ideas that I’ve had for my readers.

I’ve had it on my mind lately to share the 12 steps of conquering codependency.  I completed the faith-based 12 step program a few months ago at my church and it has truly changed how I relate to people and situations.  It also required me to take a long hard look at myself.  I think everyone could benefit from a 12 step program, in my opinion.

I watched my mother go through the 12 steps as a recovering alcoholic.  I never thought as a codependent I’d need one.  Boy, was I wrong.  Each…

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The Narcissist-Codependent Dance

I was stuck in this dance for many, many years but found the help I needed to get off and stay off the “dance floor”. Thank you Dr. Jenner for this post!

The Online Therapist

Among my patient group (and circle of friends), there are people who continually allow others to take advantage of them, continue to give and stay in very toxic relationships. They attempt to make themselves indispensable for their partners (and everyone else) and become the local and family martyr. They are the codependents who keep on giving. It is also very often the case that these people are either in or have been in a relationship with someone who has narcissist tendencies. In fact there are studies that suggest that they might even seek out such types.

There is a dance in codependency that involves the intimate relationship between codependents and narcissistic types. Codependents lack a healthy relationship with self. They are prone to put others first before their own needs. This is unhealthy.

Narcissists also have an unhealthy relationship with self. They put themselves above all else. They use others…

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Personal Mental Illness Blogs Right to Your Own Brain

Your journey is your own. Please don’t ever let someone else tell you the road you should take!


The ability for people suffering from mental illness and psychological damage to be able to reveal their personal truth through blogging has been a great outlet for many people.

People who once had no one they felt they could speak honestly to, found this gift of the blogging world. They found that they were not alone in their suffering and even in their feelings of being alone in their suffering.

I believe that blogging about mental illness and trauma has been the one thing that has been a lifeline for many people.

When I hear about people getting comments about their posts being too dark and that they should only write about certain aspects of their particular mental illness, it upsets me.

Everyone is an individual. Each person experiences their mental suffering in a unique way. Two people with the same diagnosis are not necessarily going to experience it the…

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When Co-dependency becomes Counter-dependency.

I came across this post reblogged my betternotbroken and had to do the same. As difficult as it is, healthiness is a choice. I choose to overcome, how about you?

The Online Therapist

Dr. Nicholas Jenner is a Counseling psychologist in private practice working with individuals,couples,  groups and companies globally. Online therapy is, in my experience, effective for treating a number of major conditions. Are you having issues that you need to talk through? I have a range of plans that can help you get the help you need.  Online Therapy details : Here …… Take advantage of the “online therapy” tester. Try the first three sessions for free. Contact me for more details.

I once read that up to 98 % of the global population is co-dependent to some extent but a figure much lower than that actually realise it and very few know how to do something about it. Many therapists and doctors treat it as a disease that one has to endure, be stuck with or take medication for. All of which is usually not too helpful. Codependency is learned behavior and as such can…

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