Wow! Who the heck is that?

TTN27 400Well here I am in all my glory. I can’t argue that this is a beautiful picture so I won’t even try. I am AMAZED.

Trust me, I am not bragging or boasting and I am certainly not fishing for compliments. I have received so many on Facebook and I truly appreciate them all! I am truly blessed to have friends who see this beauty in me and encourage me to recognize it.  

I have never had such an amazing picture of myself and if I just glance at it, I think, “Wow! Who the heck is that?” My problem is seeing this beautiful picture and trying not to pick it apart. If I look too long, I start to focus on my imperfections and what I don’t like about myself instead of staying focused on, “Hey! This is a really amazing picture of me!” I’m sure someone can relate to me, right?

Do you do that? If someone compliments you, do you brush it off as they’re just trying to be nice?

Do you see the beauty in yourself or are you too busy focusing on the faults and imperfections?

Find a photo of yourself and just look at it for a few seconds. Don’t stare at it; just a quick glance. Then think of all the good things you see. Name it! OWN IT!



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