Sing Your “Fight Song”!


Do you ever have times were you are just so discouraged, disheartened and depressed that you are just paralyzed with indecision or inaction? Yep, me too. Sometimes, just the day-to-day grind of paying bills, cleaning house, putting out little fires, helping others, and just making ends meet, is just overwhelming. I’m actually having one of those moments right now. I looked at the problem and turned around and walked away.

Well, the problem will still be there in an hour or so and I will have to deal with it. There is no choice. That’s just the way life is. We have to do things whether we want to or not. Problems just don’t fix themselves. Ugh…I can do all the wishing and wanting I want but that is not going to take care of the situation. It’s not even a really huge problem…I’m just not wanting to deal with it…but I must.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to go off on a tangent. My purpose for posting this morning is to share this song with you. It gives me encouragement to keep moving forward. I do have it in me and it doesn’t matter what others think. My life is what I make it and I am the one who has to answer for it.

“My power’s turned on, starting right now I’ll be strong”… AMEN… now time to go figure out what to do about this blasted problem. Enjoy!

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