My A – Z Codependency Challenge – Y

Yelling, Yielding, Yearning

Your yelling and my yielding

Was a dance that fed my yearning

For peace

For love

For happiness

Which did not come

My yelling and your yawning

 Was a dance that fueled my yielding

For peace

For love

For happiness

Which I found without you

6 thoughts on “My A – Z Codependency Challenge – Y

  1. Ah, I recognize this–such a great description of my first marriage! I’m glad to report that I just had my 16th anniversary with my second/current/final husband, and everything is so different. I never would have believed all those years ago that it was possible to have something so much better.

    I still carry with me the scars of that first marriage, and I know they feed into my on-going problems with depression. But the healthy relationship I have now is very healing.

    So glad you were able to move away from that relationship!

    1. Isn’t it amazing how we can look back and see how far we have come? The scars will always remain but they no longer have to have a hold on us. Thank you for your comment, encouraging words and following my blog!!

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