Light the Way


I have been invited to share my testimony with a local Celebrate Recovery group and I am honored yet, a little fearful. It has been so long since I have shared my story in front of a group and of course, all those little voices started dancing in my head. “You’re not good enough, what makes you think you have anything valuable to share?” You know how the song and dance goes.  

I am not a public speaker and I have a fear of speaking in front of a group of people. I don’t know why as I have never had anything bad or embarrassing happen. So I cried several times. So I was shaking like a leaf in the harsh autumn winds. If this is the worst that has happened, then why do I have fear? I’ll tell you why. It’s natural.

We hide our secrets and imperfections for so long thinking that if they come out, we will be judged and ridiculed. We feel we may lose friendships and family relationships. We feel others will look at and treat us differently. The truth is, some of these things may just happen. We cannot control how others think, feel or act and it is not our responsibility to make everyone like us. Some will and some won’t and that’s ok.

When we expose our deepest, darkest secrets to others, it is freeing. It’s a sign of faith; Faith that God is going to use your story to touch someone else and give them the courage and strength to move forward in their life towards peace and happiness. How bleak and dark the path of life would be if no one before us lit the way.

Sharing my testimony is not about sharing the ugliness of who I was, it is about sharing the amazing transformation God can do in your life if you are willing to push through the storms just as He did in mine. God does not do this for us to keep it to ourselves. He does this because He loves us and it is His way of showing others He loves them and will do this for them too.

I encourage you to share your story with others even if you feel you haven’t come far. You are further along than someone else and they need to hear your story. Light the way for them!

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