It’s finally up!

I have finally transitioned Diary of a Recovering Codependent over to Journey On Strong and as I said before, it has been nothing short of a disaster. And, since it has been such a disaster, I’ve been dragging my feet for months. I have been living under the delusion that if I just leave it alone, it will fix itself. HA! Didn’t happen.

I still have some pages to add and post formats to fix but it’s officially up. Now I just need to get motivated to work on those things. I don’t know why I have been so unmotivated to write. I go through phases… no, not “phases”… seasons of writing and then even longer seasons of writer’s block. I don’t even really think I can call it writer’s block because I have tons to write about. I guess I should call it writer’s slump.

Anyway, I will be working on this blog and trying to post weekly but it sure would be helpful if someone could throw me a topic or two every once in awhile.

Welcome to Journey On Strong!!

Love you all!

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