It’s finally up!

I have finally transitioned Diary of a Recovering Codependent over to Journey On Strong and as I said before, it has been nothing short of a disaster. And, since it has been such a disaster, I’ve been dragging my feet for months. I have been living under the delusion that if I just leave it alone, it will fix itself. HA! Didn’t happen.

I still have some pages to add and post formats to fix but it’s officially up. Now I just need to get motivated to work on those things. I don’t know why I have been so unmotivated to write. I go through phases… no, not “phases”… seasons of writing and then even longer seasons of writer’s block. I don’t even really think I can call it writer’s block because I have tons to write about. I guess I should call it writer’s slump.

Anyway, I will be working on this blog and trying to post weekly but it sure would be helpful if someone could throw me a topic or two every once in awhile.

Welcome to Journey On Strong!!

Love you all!

2 thoughts on “It’s finally up!

  1. Welcome to your new site! I know how hard the transition is, having made one myself some months ago (I’m at now, if you’d like to come visit). For me, it wasn’t just transitioning the post, but also that I lost followers, including commenters that I’d come to feel attached to over the years (literally, about four years). It has felt almost like starting over. So if it feels like that for you, too, know you are not alone. And it’s still worth it, because these personal blogs are often so deeply personal that they need to reflect who we are now, which is not necessarily who we were when we started our first blogs.

    Sending good wishes, Q.

    1. Thank you Q! I believe I follow your laquemada blog. Yes, we have grown and changed over the years and so does our focus. I will definitely check out you new blog!!
      Best wishes,

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