Codependency…What does it look like?

This morning I was asked if I could post about some of the characteristics of codependent people to help others understand a little more about codependency. I am more than happy to share what I have learned along this journey and will share some of the very first things that made me realize I had a problem (and it wasn’t just my addict).  

I started my recovery back in July of 2005 by attending a Christian 12-step recovery group called Celebrate Recovery. I went to support my (ex) husband as he had just been kicked out of a residential rehab facility. That first night I attended the group for codependents and after the meeting one of the ladies took me over to the table and handed me some literature. When I got home, I was almost sickened to find out that there was a problem with me. I related to everything in these documents. The more I read, the more I realized, they were describing me.

I cannot do justice in describing the characteristics of a codependent so I thought I would share these documents here on my blog. For years I have shared these exact documents when discussing codependency with friends. I hope you read through them and reach out to learn more if you can relate to the statements.

There are many recovery groups for codependents all over the country and even online. I have created a “Resources” page and will add to it as time goes on.

I hope you find these documents as helpful and enlightening as I did. They helped me to start my journey to recovery and I have come to love this road I am on, bumps and all! It’s the bumps that make me better!

Celebrate Recovery ~ Codependency


CR Codependence What

CR Codependence Compliance

CR Codependence Enabling

CR Codependence Problem

CR Codependence Patterns

CR Codependence Christian

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