Celebrating 12 Years!

Twelve years! It’s been 12 years since I began my journey of self-discovery, codependent recovery and emotional healing and it has been amazing! I’ve learned and changed so much in the past 12 years and I am truly amazed at who I am today. If I met myself on the street today, I’d really like me. Hahaha…

Does that mean my life is perfect? No. Does it mean everything comes easy now? No. Does it mean I am no longer codependent or a people pleaser? No. Does it mean I always get it right now? NO!

Recovery is a process; a day-to-day challenge to do things differently. There are days that are just so easy-peasy to get through and there are days when it’s a bit of a struggle. If I fall, I get back up, dust myself off, and get right back on that blasted horse. That is the true process of recovery. Every day, every moment.

So today I would like to celebrate and invite you to participate in my virtual celebration! If you would like to celebrate with me, leave a comment below with the following:

  • If you are on a journey of healing and recovery of any kind, please share what it is and how long you have been on this journey, if you feel comfortable to do so.
  • An encouraging comment or quote for others.
  • Something that you are truly grateful for and, if you’re up to it, why.
  • If you have some kind of “tool” to help you through the tough days, please share.
  • Anything else you would like to share!

I did not walk this journey alone. I had so many people walk along side of me but I had to allow them to do so. I had to put my pride aside and accept their love, encouragement and support. I had to open my eyes, ears and heart to do that. I am truly grateful for those who traveled with me on this journey and I am honored to be a part of yours!!!

Let’s get this party started!!!

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